Welcome to James Barrett FIT Fusion Studio

Where Mind, Body & Life Come Together As One

Beginning Pilates

Structured to teach the fundamentals of Pilates to create a foundation for the series of exercises to build your Pilates skills. Six Week class, must reserve a spot.


Using one's own body weight and small weights to increase the intensity of each specific exercise to create a functional, fit, and fabulous lifestyle. All Levels are welcome.


Blends of Hatha, Ashtanga and Kundalini as asana combined to create a unique class increasing flexibility, mental health and core strengthening. All Levels


(Rapid Interval Power Training) This class utilizes, body weight, TRX straps, free weights and tubing to create an invigorating and functional class to increase strength, agility and stamina. All levels are welcome.


High Energy Latin based dance fitness class. Feed your mind, body and soul with the positive energy of dance. All Levels.


Indoor cycling class to increase cardiovascular strength and stamina. Non-impact cardio exercise which increases strength in the core and full body toning. All levels are welcome.

Qi Gong

Movement, breathing and meditation for health and longevity. All levels welcome.

  • Adjust the skeletal structure
  • Increase flexibility
  • Relieve muscular and joint tension
  • Stimulate internal organs
  • Balance the body's energy system


  • We are doing actual bike rides on Tuesday mornings at 8:30 AM, weather permitting. Please meet at studio, with your own bikes,unless another meeting destination is determined.
  • Every first Saturday of each month is a FREE class Day!!!
  • James Barrett Pilates offers Birthday party packages as well. More information coming soon, contact Carroll for more Details.
  • Introducing the new James Barrett FIT Fusion Studio. " Come Feel The Vibe Of Our Tribe"